Gender Committee

Gender Committee training aims to appreciate the role, the committee plays within the workplace with regard to fighting gender based malpractices, understanding the sexual offences bill in relation to workplace policy, and increasing gender responsiveness among the participants. Additional aims are to increase awareness of the role of the gender committee in enhancing productivity management and industrial relations.


The essence of the training is to create a suitable working environment for the members of staff, improve interpersonal relations and increase self-motivation, which translates to harmonious relations and high productivity.

Specific course objectives:

  • To define gender and associated terminologies
  • To understand the gender roles and appreciate their value in enhancing productivity.
  • To appreciate the role of gender committee in fighting gender based malpractices.
  • To understand the sexual offences bill in relation to workplace policy.
  • To increase gender responsiveness among the participants.

Target Group: The elected committee members by the Employees.

Course Duration: 4 days for starters / 2-3 days for refreshers.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding gender
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Gender Stereotypes.
  • Gender Empowerment
  • Retrogressive Gender Based Practices
  • Self awareness
  • Gender Committee roles
  • Group dynamics
  • Gender committee and productivity management
  • Gender Based Violence – sexual harassment / sexual exploitation at workplace.
  • Gender in Peace Building, Conflict Management and Resolution.
  • Gender Mainstreaming.
  • Sexual Offences Bill – Workplace component.
  • Gender and HIV/AIDS.

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