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Welfare Committee

Ideally, an Organisation should provide a free and enabling environment for workers to interact and discuss pertinent issues with the management. However not everybody with an idea has the courage to seize the opportunity and discuss the idea with the management. Likewise management might not have adequate time to meet all employees as individuals. To this end, progressive companies provide opportunities for workers to organise themselves and elect their own leaders to form a committee that can frequently meet with management to discuss issues affecting workers. Through the committees, workers are encouraged to participate and be involved in shaping issues that impact and affect them through face to face communication with management.

The Gender Committee aims to appreciate the role, the committee plays within the workplace with regard to fighting gender based malpractices, understanding the sexual offences bill in relation to workplace policy, and increasing gender responsiveness among the participants. Additional aims are to increase awareness of the role of the gender committee in enhancing productivity management and industrial relations.

Fairtrade Awareness is an international certification standard that encourages organisations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace as well as ensuring sustainable production practices.

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