Below is the synopsis of the Statutory training we provide. For full course details please use the links on the left.
Environmental Awareness
This training provides a Company with a model for managing and improving their environmental impacts. The training will provide participants with an overview of the purpose and requirements of ISO 14001: Version 2015 as a tool for the management of environmental aspects and impacts.
Safe & Effective Use of Pesticides
This training is designed to both develop management of pesticides and provide practical training to advance employees in the safe use of Pesticides. It is intended to benefit farm personnel working directly with pesticides. The training addresses spray application issues that are critical to the implementation of good agricultural practice and are in line with various consumer audits such as GLOBALGAP.
General Pesticide Awareness
Pesticides can be harmful if used incorrectly, they can harm the environment's aquatic wildlife, drinking water and be harmful to human health. This training is designed to assist the participants in understanding environmental concerns related to pesticide use.
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