Leadership Skills development
Leadership skills development is critical for any organisation. It is through a developed management team that a company can differentiate itself, and create a competitive advantage and drive its operations to greater heights.

Consisting of 2 days, this workshop will seek to explore the core leadership skills and the operational framework within which, managers in a given industry must produce and deliver.
The two days workshop will explore and create a competitive advantage for the Organisation.

To equip the Managers with the tools necessary for success in their role. The program will provide managers with an opportunity to review the managerial building blocks and the challenges faced on a day to day basis.

Course Outline:
  • Understanding the Values that Drive Us
  • Leading Employees for Peak Performance
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • The Keys to Successful Performance Management
  • Employee relations
  • Working with the stakeholders
  • Productivity improvement

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