Integrated Pest Management.

IPM is a system that utilises all suitable pest control techniques and methods in a compatible manner to keep pest populations below economically injurious levels’.  It uses all the techniques and methods in appropriate combinations, with economic viability, minimisation of environmental disruption and social acceptability as objectives. It uses a combination of cultural practices, physical controls, genetic methods (use of resistant varieties), biological methods, regulatory methods and the use of pesticides. Least toxic methods are used before more toxic ones whenever possible.

Goal: To ensure the proper means and methods of pest control are applied without affecting people and the environment adversely, while ensuring the productivity and profitability of the Company is maintained and increased.

Target Group: Production and Quality assurance Team within the company.

Course Duration: 3 Days.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Pest Management
  • Pest Management Strategies
Cultural Methods
Physical Methods
Biological Methods
Chemical Methods
  • Characteristics of Pests and their behavior
  • Common Diseases
  • Identifying and understanding pest biology
  • Crop Monitoring
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